Island Model

Fossil Model

Erosion Example

Assateague Island Memory

Dreams of Mine
Dreams of mine
Never come true
Hopefully they will soon
Mostly good, Leastly bad
That is the greatest thing I ever had
Dreaming peacefully, Dreaming good
Dreams of mine I never understood
But sometimes crazy , a little funny
Cause I make my dreams that way

Time to Stand Up

Time to stand up to the bullies
the ones who call you fat and ugly
you try not to cry but the only
question you ask is why
why do they call me names
and make me go through all this pain
make me want to pray
that I get through this horrible day
Let me go home to be away
From those bullies
But from now on I'm gonna
tell when they bother me
I will tell a parent, a principal
or teacher, one I can trust
It is time to stand up
and I finally have.